Attribute Fields

Attribute Types

Attribute fields can be added to point, line, and polygon feature classes. The following attribute fields are available when creating/editing a feature class:

Description Allows you to input standard text.

Date & Time Presents a picker view for entering and editing the date and time. This attribute is automatically set to the current date and time when a feature is added to the map, but can easily be edited.

Photos Allows you to attach multiple photos with the built-in camera or from the camera roll. You can also use the Markup tool to draw annotations on your photos.

Number Allows you to enter a decimal or floating point number. Tip: it is helpful to put the units in the attribute name.

List of Values Present a selection of values, for example {True,False} or {Sand,Gravel,Dirt}. You can enable multi select if it's necessary to select more than one value during data collection. Note: when creating a new 'list of values' attribute you can copy a list from an exisitng feature class.

Address Allows you to enter a standardized street address. Note: if you need to enter an address in a non-standard format it may be better to use the Description attribute type.

Website Allows you to enter a web URL. When a URL is present you can access it by tapping on it.

Telephone Allows you to enter a standard phone number. When a number is present you can tap it to be presented with the option to call that number.

Checkbox A checkbox can be toggled on and off.

Auto-Incrementing ID Automatically assigns incremental IDs as features are added to the map. IDs increment globally, accross all projects to avoid reusing the same ID. You can manage the format of Auto-Incrementing IDs in the Settings App.

Barcode Allows you to utilize a camera-based barcode scanner to populate a field with barcode data. Feature available as of version 1.0.7.

Rotation Define an angle of rotation for a feature. Note: for point features you can choose to display the 'pin' icon at the entered angle.

Tip: You can add multiple instances of an attribute type to a feature class.

Note: Description is the only standard attribute allowed in KML. When exporting to KML all non-description fields will be formatted as an HTML table and inserted into the Description attribute.

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