Switching to Touch GIS

This guide is intended to help you smoothly transitions from GIS Kit/Pro to Touch GIS.

Touch GIS is the modern solution for mobile field data collection & visualization. For various reasons, many apps like GIS Kit and GIS Pro have not been actively developed or maintained in years. With an emphasis on stability, performance, and thoughtful feature development, Touch GIS is the solution to invest in for the future.

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Transferring Projects

The latest versions of GIS Kit & GIS Pro have a KMZ 2.0 export option. This is the file format we recommend using when exporting projects that you intend to import into Touch GIS.

Note: While some point imagery may not transfer as intended, your geometry and associated attributes should import correctly into Touch GIS.

Transferring Feature Class Datasets

GIS Kit and GIS Pro allow you to export Feature Class Datasets as .FCL files. We have added support for this file format in Touch GIS. Importing a .FCL will automatically add that Feature Class Dataset to Touch GIS. Imported Feature Class Datasets can be edited after import if necessary.


Q. What does Touch GIS offer that GIS Pro and GIS Kit do not? A. In a nutshell, better performance and stability. The Touch GIS codebase is actively maintained and constantly improved. In addition to a more modern field experience, Touch GIS also offers:

  • Easier File Backup and Device-to-Device Data Transfer

  • Circle Geometry Drawing Feature

  • Rotation/Angle Attribute

  • Barcode Scanner Attribute

  • GeoJSON Support

  • WMTS Support

  • And More

Q. If I paid for GIS Kit or GIS Pro do I need to pay for a Touch GIS license? A. Yes. Touch GIS and Garafa (the makers of GIS Kit/Pro) are not the same company.

Q. If I just recently purchased GIS Kit or GIS Pro can I get a discount on my first year of service with Touch GIS? A. Yes, we're glad you asked. We do have discounts available for those who have purchased GIS Kit or GIS Pro within the last year. Email support@touchgis.app to see if you qualify for these discounts. You will be required to show proof of purchase.

Q. Do Touch GIS and GIS Kit/GIS Pro have different features? A. Touch GIS has all the features of GIS Kit and GIS Pro, as well as more features to help you collect and visualize features in the field.

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