GPS Settings

GPS Settings are accessed via the Options Panel, located next to the layers panel in the lower left corner of your map.

Distance Filter

Filter GPS points by distance where this is the minimum distance travelled before aquiring a new point. This feature helps to filter out GPS 'spikes'. You can filter by the following distances:

  • None

  • 5m

  • 10m

  • 20m

Time Filter

Filter GPS points by time where points are aquired at a specific rate. You can filter by the following rates:

  • None

  • 1s

  • 2s

  • 5s

  • 10s

Accuracy Filter

Filter GPS Points by accuracy where theis is the minimum accuracy at which we will accept new points. You can filter by the following accuracies:

  • 5m

  • 10m

  • 30m

  • 100m

  • 200m

Note: GPS accuracy data is provided by the device, not Touch GIS.

Ultra Accuracy

This setting uses the highest possible accuracy and combines it with additional sensor data. Your device will attempt to acquire precise position information at all times and is intended to be used only while the device is plugged in, as this feature uses significant power resources.

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