Project Manager

Use the Project Manager to create, name, share, and delete projects. You can also access your account settings from this view.

Creating a Project

There are two ways to create a project in Touch GIS. If you do not have existing data that you need to import, simply tap the orange '+' button in the upper right corner to create a project. If you do have existing data you need to import, tap the import button just to the left of the '+' button. After selecting the files to need to import, a new project will automatically be created with that data.

Share, Rename, Or Delete A Project

Access these options by tapping the three dots to the right of the projects name.

Account Details

To access your account details, tap the icon to the left of the import icon in the Project Manager.

Returning To The Project Manager

After accessing a project, you can return to the Project Manager at any time by tapping the icon in the upper left corner of your map.

Tip: You may need to dismiss the Layers or Options panels to see this icon.

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