Offline Maps

Cache map tiles for offline data collection. Use the Offline Maps manager to create and manage cache regions.

Creating Cache Regions

Getting Started Creating cache regions is done from the Options & Settings panel. Once you've navigated to the Offline Maps manager you'll see an option to create a 'New Cache Region'. After selecting this option you'll be prompted to give your new cache region a name.

Tip: Giving your cache region a descriptive name will be useful when managing regions later.

Select a Map Type After naming your new region you'll need to select which map type you'd like to cache. You can currently only select one map type per region.

Resolution This dialog allows you to set the resolution for your cache region. You can select the Basic, High, or Very High presets, or manually select the zoom levels you want to cache. We recommend the Basic setting for larger regions, as you may exceed the cache limit easily when caching large regions with High or Very High resolution.

Defining Your Cache Region Use the drag bars at top, bottom, left, and right of the region bounding box to resize your cache region. You can also zoom and pan to the specific area you need to cache. Estimated tile usage is displayed at the bottom of the bounding box.

Cache Tiles After defining a new region's details and area, tap Cache to download the map tiles in that region. You'll see a progress indicator with tile count and file size count for the region.

Managing Cache Regions

Overview You may need to delete or purge cache regions to free up space on your device. We recommend not purging tiles unless necessary, as redownloading tiles will count against your monthly MapBox tile limit. Purging A Cache Region Purging a cache region deletes the downloaded tiles for that region. It does not delete the region's details, such as map type and resolution settings. You can redownload the tiles for a region at any time, assuming you are connected to Wifi or Cellular data.

Deleting a Cache Region Deleting a cache region removes the regions details (map type and resolution settings) as well as any currently downloaded tiles. This is a permanent action and cannot be undone once you confirm your wish to delete a region.

Sharing Cache Regions

You can share cache regions with other Touch GIS users. This is useful if you have multiple people collecting data in the same offline area.

Note: Shared cache regions do not include map tiles. A region simply defines the area to be cached. You will need to download the tiles in a region after importing it into Touch GIS.

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