Creating New Feature Classes

Getting Started

Feature classes are housed inside feature class datesets. Think of feature class datasets as folders that house related feature classes. Before creating a new point, line, or polygon feature class, you'll need to navigate to the dateset you want it housed in or create a new dataset.

Creating A New Feature Class

Once inside a feature class dateset you'll see the options for creating new point, line, polygon, or circle classes. After selecting one of these options, you'll be prompted to give your feature class a name.

Tip: Giving your custom feature classes clear names can speed up your data collection process, as well as help with collaborative efforts.

Feature Class Options

After entering the name of your new feature class, you'll see options to edit the style of that class and add attribute fields. To learn more about styling and attributes please visit these respective sections:

Styling A Feature ClassAttribute Fields

After Creating A Custom Feature Class

Once you've finished creating a feature class it will become available to you via the 'Add Feature' menu on the map (blue '+' button).

Editing A Feature Class

You can edit the style or attributes of a feature class at anytime by accessing them via the Options panel.

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