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GEOINT App Store - What's New June 2020

June 2020
The NGA's GEOINT App Store is an amazing resource for accessing useful geospatial mobile applications. Here's a list of new apps and updates available to credentialed federal employees.

Touch GIS 1.1.6

Touch GIS offers professional-grade field data collection and visualization. Powerful mobile devices are transforming how we work in the field. Touch GIS takes full advantage of the device you already have in your pocket, making field data collection easier than ever. Accurate drawing tools, amazing map performance, offline workflow, custom feature classes, and robust file support set Touch GIS apart. Available for iPhone & iPad


SITREP is a tactical mapping tool designed to maximize situational awareness and operational readiness. Conceived by senior leaders from the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, SITREP allows for rapid data collection and streamlined report generation. SITREP is the first mapping tool that empowers the concept of Every Soldier a Sensor. The intuitive interface enables discreet, real time recon to boost effectiveness in the field. SITREP augments the standard functionality of data capture and storage with all the tools needed for military, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community operations. Available for iPhone & iPad

Avenza Maps 3.7.3 (Update)

Avenza Maps is an offline mapping tool for location and navigation without a network or Internet connection. Use the powerful mapping tools to add features to the maps in the field, then share updated maps with your team. GEOINT users have unlimited access to the Avenza Map Store and incur no cost for any maps downloaded.

GeoNames Map Explorer 1.0

GeoNames Map Explorer App is an app designed for maintaining your situational awareness and getting around in a foreign country. It has NGA’s Foreign GeoNames & USGS Domestic GeoNames databases setup in highly optimized fashion for display on map, table/grid and searching. The app supports Audio Playback Pronunciations with advanced map with navigation and bearing and distance calculations.

CrowdMag 1.8.2

CrowdMag is a tool that measures the local magnetic field using your smartphone! The app displays the data as a graph or a map in units of nanotesla (nT; one nanotesla equals 10^−9 Tesla). The local magnetic field components measured by CrowdMag are the Z (downward component), H (horizontal intensity), and F (total intensity). Use CrowdMag for measuring magnetic data during your outdoor adventures or to conduct your own homegrown science! To perform your own experiments or analyze your observations, export your data as a CSV file. Optionally, your magnetic data may be shared with NOAA to help scientists understand more about Earth’s magnetic field!

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First time hearing about the GEOINT App Store? The GEOINT App Store is an online platform that provides useful apps, widgets, and web services for credentialed federal employees at no cost. Eligible agencies include DoD, USGS, FWS, FS, BLM, USDA, NPS, DNR, and EPA.